Walden: Life on the Internet

03 24 2021


Oliver Cox

Walden: Life on the Internet, or Internet Walden is the combination of a manifesto and a diary. As a manifesto, it calls for us to:

  1. Learn/understand the tools of the Internet and their nature.

  2. Use, build or demand tools that lend themselves to being learned.

  3. Use, build or demand tools that promote the scale, nuance and synchrony of human imagination.

Accepting this call to action, each subsequent article examines a particular Internet technology or cluster (hypertext, social media, cryptocurrency, etc.) with the writer attempting to do it in a way that fulfills the manifesto's imperative.

This diary, we hope, will help us to learn how we can live better in the context of the Internet.

Would you like to contribute an article? Reach out to oliver dot cox at wonk bridge dot com.