Homo Digitalis

08 21 2016


Yuji Develle

At the dawn of a new understanding in terms of man's evolving relationship with nature was Leonardo Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man". It was drawn to represent the idealised form of man, proportionally perfect and built as a representation of God on Earth. Today, our attitudes and understanding of the "Human being" have changed.

In part, due to a developed understanding of humanity's place in the cosmos - a beautiful yet relatively insignificant node in the infinite network that is the universe. The 21st century and its technological revolutions have not only changed the way we see our place in the grand Story, but have come to change what it means to be Human.

Homo Digitalis covers what it means to be Human in the context of this technologically facilitated transformation. We examine the role of technology in how we see the world and ourselves in the world. The impact of technology on our anatomy and psyche. Finally, the ways in which technology can change what it means to be "Human" in the near-future.
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