Songs from the Echo Chamber

Half-truth news has been with us ever since the dawn of the news cycle, ever since the seed of yellow news was first germinated within the mind of William Randolph Hearst, omitting facts to strengthen its arguments, obfuscating statistics, and generally breeding a contempt of context in the reading public.

However, it was its bolder, less mobile, and more cartoonish cousin, Fake News, that commanded our attentions in the 10s.

The internet, as it is presently structured, to afford the maximum freedom of action to advertising interests, has the natural attributes of an echo chamber. Our digital lives are shaped to move us into interactions with what is familiar, with pronounced and awful consequences for our health of mind, our communities, and our franchise.

Wonk Bridge has been committed to understanding the relationship of Fake News and Echo Chamber dynamics since its inception, and we'll continue to publish on the subject until it scourges our experience of digital life no longer.